Review: SJW's Always Lie

This is a well written analysis and tactical plan for how to fight Cultural Marxism, also known as political correctness.

Vox Day shares stories and insights gained from incidents publicized in the media to shed light on the destructive impact of political correctness. Along the way he provides specific strategies to help those who would rid our society of this modern day witch hunting and its many adherents. 

The details of Gamer Gate are shared to give an example of how one group effectively did this in the science-fiction and gaming community. The inside ball was sometimes more than I cared to know but it was illustrative and I did enjoy learning about Game Gate. 

Perhaps the most important point illustrated is the one contained in the title, which is that SJW's always lie. The attack on Western Civilization is not a quest for truth, but rather for power. 

Mao said, power comes from the barrel of a gun. 

Mao was wrong. The truth is the most powerful weapon human beings shall ever wield. We love the truth. Jesus said, the truth shall make you free. 

We might have to use guns to fight for our freedom but power comes from the truth, not from the guns. 

This is why we say that the pen is mightier than the sword and history confirms this is true. 

When confronting tyrants, good people often make the mistake of assuming that the other side would agree with them if they only knew the truth. Vox Day makes clear that we must see the tyrannical tactics of the Cultural Marxists for what they are - tools of control used to force submission. 

Cultural Marxists hate freedom of speech because it exposes their lies. Labelling free expression as hate is a tactic used to suppress debate and allow lies to remain unchallenged. 

Free speech is the first line of defence and a much preferred to guns but in America we have the freedom to exercise freedom of religion, freedom of speech, and the right to bear arms in defense against threats foreign and domestic. These rights are guaranteed by the First and Second amendments of the United States Constitution. 

Vox Day does a good job using his pen to help us win the battle for freedom with the First Amendment so we do not have to resort to the Second.